Recruitment Strategy

CHM_Icon_ChannelStrategy.pngRecruiting is not what it used to be…a numbers game. Get 10,000 names and start calling! Not any more. Now more than ever, you need to have a plan in place to zero in on ideal Partners by first identifying your Partner personas. Then add communications, social action, and a recruitment strategy to create an integrated plan, setting your team and future Partners up for success.   


Exclusive Targeted Partner Recruitment


What if we told you that instead of calling thousands of prospective Partners, who may or may not fit your model or have any interest, you can obtain a short list of precisely the right Partners? Instead of calling down that list of 10,000 names hoping to speak with the right person, we can take the guesswork, and quite frankly the pain, out of recruitment. We will provide 20 Partners (or 100, but not thousands) with the exact criteria you request by utilizing a proprietary Partner search engine, powered by artificial intelligence, that takes the guesswork out of Partner recruitment. This exclusive process reduces your Partner identification, recruitment, and contracting process by 10x.


Reenergize Stagnant Partners

CHM_Icon_Audience.pngThe 80/20 rule still applies to most Channels. While 20% of your Partners bring in 80% of your revenue, you’re still reluctant to say goodbye to your inactive Partners. Save time, money, and improve your Channel and communication metrics TODAY by leveraging our proprietary system to rank your Partners. Leveraging this exclusive platform, Channel Maven Consulting will assess the health of your current Partners, putting them into several buckets including “energize,” “nurture,” and “discard.” Have a new solution strategy? See which of your Partners will excel and which will need to move along.