CHM_Icon_Research.pngInfrastructure Analysis

Your Program is but One Variable in a Successful Channel

Channel infrastructure analysis is more important than you might think. If done incorrectly or ignored, you will have spent time and money only to have an inactive Channel. Onboarding newly recruited Partners is an investment and sometimes a gamble. Ensure you have the right Channel infrastructure to support new and existing Partners, improve ease-of-doing-business and align your Partner's journey.

If your Partner Programs aren't addressing these top concerns, we can help

  1. Easy to use – simplicity is key
  2. Ideal Resources – and of course the ability to find them
  3. Profitable – investing time in your solutions will generate profit
  4. Predictable – exactly what they can expect from you

To ensure a positive experience, look critically at your Partner's journey. Whether it's the first time or the 50th time they’ve logged into your portal, received your email, used your content, or attended your event - was it a positive experience? 

We help by:

  • Assessing Partner touch points
  • Identifying areas of improvement along your Partners' journey
  • Vetting Partner-facing technologies and tools
  • Managing your implementation of channel infrastructure
  • Project management of new platform configurations and adoptions  
    • Partner portals
    • Marketing automation tools
    • Promotion/MDF platforms
    • Social media aggregators
    • and more