CHM_Icon_SocialIntelligence.pngInbound Partner RecruitmentTM Strategy

Find the Right Partners at the Right Time

Why deploy an Inbound Partner RecruitmentTM strategy for your Channel? Recruiting is not what it used to be… obtain a list of 10,000 names and start calling! Now more than ever, you need a plan in place that zeros in on ideal Partners. The first step is to identify your Partner personas and then add communications, social action, and a recruitment strategy to create an integrated plan, setting your team and future Partners up for success.    

We work with IT and Telecom Vendors to:

  • Create ideal Partner personas for recruitment 
  • Analyze public-facing Partner pages and other recruitment assets
  • Create unique recruitment strategies by Partner type
  • Develop unique integrated communication strategies
    • Newsletters
    • Email campaigns
    • Social media
    • Copy writing
    • Recruitment specific blogs
    • and more


CHM_Icon_Audience.pngRe-energize Stagnant Partners

The 80/20 rule still applies to most Channels. While 20% of your Partners bring 80% of the revenue, you’re still reluctant to say goodbye to inactive Partners. Save time, money, and improve your Channel and communication metrics TODAY. Let us help you build a strategy around re-energizing those Partners. 



Channel Maven Consulting will:

  • Assess the health of your current Partner ecosystem
  • Categorize Partners as “energize, nurture, and discard”
  • Help you identify which Partners can excel and which ones need to move along
  • Work with you to create a go-forward strategy
  • Help your team develop assets and communications that motivate stagnant partners