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Tried and True Tactics that Drive Demand for Channel Partners

Ever wonder if your Channel Partners are using social media effectively? It's a fair question these days as engagement strategies on social continue to shift. Social is designed to bombard but it can also be a great tool for making business connections and believe it or not, there are right and wrong ways to go about it. Use it effectively and social drives demand and leads. Use it incorrectly and risk being unseen and unheard in a sea of noise. 

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Help Channel Partners Gain Reach with Twitter’s Algorithmic Changes

Historically, Twitter has been a dynamite platform for driving traffic to websites, building awareness, and generating demand. However, recent algorithmic changes altered that so, if your Channel Partners are experiencing significantly diminished engagement metrics, there’s good reason and they’re not alone. We’re all suffering.

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#CMCtv Episode 11- Sales Strategy for Channel Partners

Welcome back to another episode of #CMCtv. In this edition, we discuss Sales Strategy Tips for Channel Partners.

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SMB Tips From Successful Channel Partners

Many successful Channel Partners are small businesses working with multiple vendors across a variety of solutions. Through their success, they’re pulled in a million different directions. We know this because we work with thousands of them each year and they struggle to find time for demand generation in addition to all the other hats they are juggling.

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5 Ways to Improve your Partners’ Digital Footprint

Channel Partners need to understand the importance of a strong digital footprint in order to succeed online.

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CMCtv Episode 3: Implement a Successful Partner Program

Welcome to the latest episode of Channel Maven TV (#CMCtv). Join us monthly as Channel Maven Consulting’s, Founder and CEO, Heather K. Margolis interviews channel sales and marketing experts in and around the Channel. Varied topics are meant to help Vendors enhance their channel marketing strategies, drive more demand through their Channel and lead to more successful partner programs.

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4-minute Social Selling Guide - Help Channel Partners Drive Demand

With the prevalence of online research, the B2B buyer’s journey is practically over before prospects bother to speak with a sales rep. Much of this research is done via social media. Yet, two-thirds of companies, including many of the Partners we work with, don’t have social media strategies in place and aren't attempting social selling. Wouldn't it be nice if there were a quick social selling guide that Vendors could use to help Partners drive demand on social media? We thought so too!

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It’s not Marketing, it’s Social Selling

We’ve worked with you the Vendors and your Partners on marketing through the channel to drive more demand. We’ve had some great successes but we’ve also been met with some Partners who, whether due to lack of resources or lack of understanding, decide that marketing or social media aren’t worth the time or focus.

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Simple Website Fixes to help Partners Drive Demand

Once considered an online ‘business card,’ your Partner's website is now the #1 tool for building authority online before meeting prospects in person. Do your Partners’ websites hit the mark, provide the best user experience and give their buyers the information they want? Let’s take a look at five components of a successful Channel Partner website.

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A Chore No More – 8 Simple Ways to Make Time for Social Media

Countless articles, surveys, and infographics point to how important social media is for B2B marketing strategy and Vendors and Channel Partners are not immune. Still, no matter how many times we hear the message, posting and engaging on social falls to the bottom of the priority list especially for Partners who often wear many hats and lack time and resources for social media marketing. With never-ending to-do lists, how do Partners make time for social media and how can Vendors help them solve this challenge?

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