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Four Dos and Don’ts of Channel Partner Recruitment

Channel Partner recruitment is fairly simple if your goal is to sign up as many random Partners as you can in hopes a portion of them sell your solutions. Sure, you give them onboarding support, assign a Partner-facing team member, provide assets and probably a portal, but are those enough to move the needle on the 80/20 conversation?

Based on challenges we hear from Vendors, it’s not. Depending upon your list size, let’s say recruitment endeavors net 2000 new Partners but only 10% (200) actually do something the first year but wait – it gets worse. Two years later only 20 of those 200 are still actively selling.

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Inbound Partner Recruitment: Public-Facing Program Pages

Now more than ever, Partner recruitment is a two-way street. Vendor teams are actively seeking, recruiting, and onboarding new Partners and simultaneously, Partners are seeking relationships with Vendors that fit into their solutions and services offerings.

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The First Step of Partner Recruitment isn’t about Recruitment

Today’s Channel Partners are more often than not born in the cloud, driving recurring revenue models, and they don’t typically refer to themselves as your “Partner.” In their minds, they are just one of many technology companies leveraging (your) IT solutions to drive success for their customers. It's all part of the shifting Channel.

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Channel Partner Recruitment - Changing Your Approach

What feels like a l-o-o-o-o-o-o-ng time ago, Channel Partner recruitment was (so much) easier. Vendors had their pick from a long list of Partners waiting, hoping, and striving to be an extension of their sales team. Not anymore. Today’s Partners are diversifying their services, creating their own solutions, selling outcomes, and working with multiple Vendors all-day - everyday.

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Getting Born-in-the-Cloud Partners to work with you…not the Competition

A guest blog from Jessica Baker:

Gartner says cloud is a $204B opportunity. With over 90% of companies using some mix of public, private, or hybrid cloud-based solutions, it’s easy to understand why Vendors keep talking about Born-in-the-Cloud Partners. Who wouldn’t want to be part of that?! The less obvious part is figuring out how Vendors can capture these Partners’ attention.

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A New Age for Channel Partner Recruitment

A guest blog from Carlos Blanco, Founder Pigs on the Roof.

Carlos is a seasoned business professional and entrepreneur, with over 30 years of domestic and international experience. During his corporate career, he held executive technical and channel sales and marketing positions at DCA, Micro Tempus, Verint, Ingram Micro, Eastern Airlines, Citicorp and FPL. As the founder and managing director of Pigs on the Roof, Carlos and his team focus on provisioning channel development, marketing, and sales services in U.S. and Latin America.


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