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Conquer Ease of Doing Business in Your Channel Partner Program

In today’s competitive landscape, your Partners work with a variety of Vendors and don’t have time or patience to navigate a difficult program. Vendors who focus on ease of doing business are the ones finding success in their Partner programs.

How can you ensure your Program is easy to navigate but still provides value? Here are four components of a simple, effective Partner Program:

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Channel Veterans join the team to Strengthen your Channel Journey

So much of Vendor success is about understanding how the Channel Journey is shifting, then ensuring your program and communications arm Partners with the knowledge they need to be successful in today’s market. With this in mind, we’re excited to welcome Debbie Kane, VP Client Strategy and Brad Rolfe, VP Client Engagement, to the Channel Maven team. Both formerly with Penton and Everything Channel (now The Channel Co.,) they bring Channel experience and interesting insights to our team and the Vendors and Channel Partners we work with.

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Updating Your Partner Program for Today’s Shifting Channel

Today’s Partner Programs look drastically different than their predecessors. It used to be that Vendors dictated Channel partnerships and most elements of the Partner Program. The pendulum has now swung to the other side thanks to an abundance of new technologies and information. Partners today have more Vendor options than ever before, which means Vendors need to be more mindful of Partners’ business objectives if they want successful partnerships. Now, they have to craft their Partner Program around a value proposition, one that entices Partners in today’s changing market and aligns with their Partners’ goals.

Recommendations for developing Partner Programs and value propositions that align with Partners to drive demand:

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Extending the Channel Partner Journey to Latin America

At Channel Maven Consulting we aim to work with the best people in the industry to improve the Channel Partner Journey across all regions. We’re happy to announce we’re now able to expand our channel marketing and program development services to Latin America thanks to a strategic partnership with Pigs on the Roof.

Press release originally published on

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A New Age for Channel Partner Recruitment

A guest blog from Carlos Blanco, Founder Pigs on the Roof.

Carlos is a seasoned business professional and entrepreneur, with over 30 years of domestic and international experience. During his corporate career, he held executive technical and channel sales and marketing positions at DCA, Micro Tempus, Verint, Ingram Micro, Eastern Airlines, Citicorp and FPL. As the founder and managing director of Pigs on the Roof, Carlos and his team focus on provisioning channel development, marketing, and sales services in U.S. and Latin America.


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How to Design a Robust Channel Incentive Strategy

A guest blog from Del Heles, CEO/President Computer Market Research

Del is a global leader in Channel data management solutions and a software marketing automation executive with over 40 years of experience.  He brings extensive experience to the Channel including: Channel POS, inventory data collection, co-op/MDF management, deal registration, synchronized channel marketing (SCM), special pricing agreements, Channel gamification, SPIFF management, and more.

How to Design a Robust Channel Incentive Strategy

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The Three E’s of Channel Management

The Vendor-Partner relationship has evolved and in today’s crowded Channel management ecosystem, Partners have more Vendors than ever to choose from. As a result, staying top-of-mind has become the number one priority for Vendors. This shift in thinking has trickled down to all elements of the Channel.

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CMCtv Episode 4: Help Channel Partners Understand their Buyer’s Journey

If you have ever wondered how to help Channel Partners understand their buyer’s journey, you’re not alone. As a Vendor, implementing an effective digital strategy and educating your Partners on the marketing landscape is key to success. In Episode 4 of #CMCtv, these concepts are discussed and offer a bite-sized version of a much larger (and very effective) marketing approach.

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CMCtv Episode 2: Having a Channel and Channel Program in Your Go-To-Market Strategy

Welcome to the second episode of Channel Maven TV (#CMCtv). In this monthly series, Heather K. Margolis interviews channel executives and marketing experts working in and around the Channel. Topics are varied but all are geared towards helping Vendors enhance their channel marketing strategies.

Our guest for February is Channel Strategist, Sheila O’Neil. Thank you, Sheila for sharing your insights.

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Enable More Partners with a 2016 Channel Marketing Tune-Up

Isn’t that just like us to start the year talking about channel marketing? 2016 looks promising for technology innovations, changes in marketing trends and opportunities for Vendors and Partners to drive more demand in the channel. We’re seeing more and more Vendors providing their Partners with channel marketing programs that fit their business not force them into a resource rut. Are your channel marketing programs ready? If not, we have some ideas to help jump-start your channel marketing tune-up in 2016.

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