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CMCtv Episode 3: Implement a Successful Partner Program

Welcome to the latest episode of Channel Maven TV (#CMCtv). Join us monthly as Channel Maven Consulting’s, Founder and CEO, Heather K. Margolis interviews channel sales and marketing experts in and around the Channel. Varied topics are meant to help Vendors enhance their channel marketing strategies, drive more demand through their Channel and lead to more successful partner programs.

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4-minute Social Selling Guide - Help Channel Partners Drive Demand

With the prevalence of online research, the B2B buyer’s journey is practically over before prospects bother to speak with a sales rep. Much of this research is done via social media. Yet, two-thirds of companies, including many of the Partners we work with, don’t have social media strategies in place and aren't attempting social selling. Wouldn't it be nice if there were a quick social selling guide that Vendors could use to help Partners drive demand on social media? We thought so too!

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It’s not Marketing, it’s Social Selling

We’ve worked with you the Vendors and your Partners on marketing through the channel to drive more demand. We’ve had some great successes but we’ve also been met with some Partners who, whether due to lack of resources or lack of understanding, decide that marketing or social media aren’t worth the time or focus.

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Simple Website Fixes to help Partners Drive Demand

Once considered an online ‘business card,’ your Partner's website is now the #1 tool for building authority online before meeting prospects in person. Do your Partners’ websites hit the mark, provide the best user experience and give their buyers the information they want? Let’s take a look at five components of a successful Channel Partner website.

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Measuring Channel Partners Marketing ROI

When it comes to marketing, Partners want to know two things: “what’s the return on investment?” and “when will I see results?”

If we could answer those questions easily and succinctly, we’d be millionaires. Unfortunately, too many factors at play make ROI measurement across a whole marketing plan challenging and predicting when a pay off will happen isn’t any easier. But, when we look at ROI on each tactic and ROE (return on engagement) for overall strategy we can begin to predict the answers.

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Drive More Demand. The New ‘Seller’s Journey.’

According to SiriusDecisions; 67% of the buyer’s journey is done digitally. This puts buyers in the driver’s seat of their journey long before Vendors and Partners meet them. Fantastic news if you’re the buyer but what if you’re not?

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4 Must-Haves for Small Businesses

4 Must-Haves for Small Businesses

At Channel Maven Consulting we spend a lot of time working directly with Partners. Usually that is to improve their ROI on inbound marketing and lead generation but there are so many other small business challenges we have worked with Partners to overcome (not to mention we are a SMB ourselves!).

How are Small Business Channel Partners thriving through times of growth?

Here are the four most important recurring themes we’ve gathered from Channel Partners who have built thriving small businesses:

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What’s a Digital Strategist? And Does your Channel Marketing Need One?

Today’s digital strategies shift at lightning speed and new tactics are constantly erupting and evolving or dying abruptly without notice. This is true in sales and marketing, technology and other fields too. We all share a common challenge: how do we stay ahead of the curve with so many players trying to kick the same ball on the same field?

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SEO - It's More than Just a Game

Showing up at the top of search results can help business grow exponentially and content is a major player in the SEO game. So, can partners create and distribute content in a way that helps their site’s SEO?

First, in order to score points with search engines, we have to think like them.

Prior to 2011 when major search engine algorithm changes occurred, marketers spent countless hours writing keyword-laden short snippets of content and built backlinks by contacting sites and asking them for links. This system worked well until links became a commodity, bought and sold to drive up the SEO value of websites and suddenly, spam began showing up in searches.

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Turn Your Social Profiles into Demand Gen Machines

For the past few weeks (and years) we’ve talked a lot about social media. Why it’s important, in Channel Partners Benefit from Social Media (more than you might think). How to find content, in Never Fall Down the Content Rabbit Hole Again. And how to succeed, in 8 Simple Steps For Success with Social Media. The list goes on and on. But, before you create awesome content and start gaining followers it’s imperative to spend some time polishing up your social profiles. Why? It’s the first thing people look at when you post on social.

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