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What does Cloud Computing mean to the Channel?

I wrote a post 'Is Saas Channel an Oximoron' a couple of months ago but having just come from the Babson Alumni Technology Council's breakfast on cloud computing I wanted to revisit it from a different perspective.

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Has dell made the grade in the channel?

While working at EqualLogic, about 2 months before the Dell deal was finalized (and I was to become a Dell'er) I was at a conference where solution providers were giving vendors feedback. There stood a very articulate solution provider who had just given the audience some great feedback on what works and what doesn't when it comes to communications, rebates, margins, and incentives. "And one more thing", he added enthusiastically. "I don't care what they do, I'm NEVER doing business with the four-letter word in channel!"

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What is a Channel Master?


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Is SaaS Channel an oxymoron?

In my last position I was working for a SaaS vendor that has a legacy premise based product being sold through the channel.  As our SaaS business picked up the channel was going to being selling that product as well.  Stepping away from this business I needed to take a look at how a SaaS based channel product differed from a premise based software or hardware for that matter.

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Are you a fair weather VAR/Solution Provider?

Do you belong to more partner programs then you have sales people?  Do you sign up to become a partner simply because your customer wants to buy that vendor's product?  Do you sign up for vendor programs then never complete the requirements?  With all of the vendors and products to choose from no one could really blame you, but is it truly benefiting your business?

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Channel Programs, one size does NOT fit all!

Most channel programs have tiers they put their partners in.  Gold, Platinum, and Diamond or Professional, Advanced, and Super-duper Advanced.  Whatever you call it, just because you have neat little tiers that your solution providers fit into that does not mean those partners all need the same support whether financial, technical, or sales/marketing related.  You've tiered these companies most likely based upon how much revenue they bring you, how many events they attend, whether or not they've bought a demo unit, and how many certified professionals they have with you.  Does that mean you wouldn't give top tiering to a solution provider who has brought you $10M in revenue, has 20 certified professionals, and attends an event a month just because they won't buy a demo unit?  It had better not or you are SO missing the point.  

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Streamline your Channel

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