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6 (Great) Reasons to Attend Channel Focus 2016

Hollywood – here we come!

Channel Maven has the opportunity to sponsor many channel events. Once again, we chose this one because it’s different. Welcome to Channel Focus 2016. Thinking about attending? Here’s a snapshot of what you can look forward to:

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Enable More Partners with a 2016 Channel Marketing Tune-Up

Isn’t that just like us to start the year talking about channel marketing? 2016 looks promising for technology innovations, changes in marketing trends and opportunities for Vendors and Partners to drive more demand in the channel. We’re seeing more and more Vendors providing their Partners with channel marketing programs that fit their business not force them into a resource rut. Are your channel marketing programs ready? If not, we have some ideas to help jump-start your channel marketing tune-up in 2016.

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Map Channel Conversations to Partner Needs to Grow Your Channel

Channel partners are a diverse group. While many share challenges, like needing to improve their marketing, driving more demand, and wanting support from Vendors to grow their businesses, some have challenges not common across the entire Partner landscape like marketing to a particular industry or region. Segmenting Partner challenges in order to engage the entire Partner ecosystem can be tricky but it’s an important and often overlooked component of successful channel programs and its's necessary in order to grow your channel. Let’s look at three key concepts to get started.

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Help Channel Partners Prospect with Conversations that Matter

Knowing a Partner’s audience is necessary when you want to help Channel Partners prospect. It’s also valuable during demand generation activities. In B2C, segmenting buyers by demographic like gender, age, and geography is simple. Not so in B2B where we must consider multiple personas like the individual and influencers, their job roles and the organization as a whole plus how they fit into targeted industries. While some factors may overlap it’s not always the case and with a little online research, Partners can learn to understand what to look for, why this information is important and how to apply it to their sales processes.

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CMCtv: Helping Channel Organizations Incentivize Partners - Steven Kellam, CCI

Welcome to the first episode of Channel Maven TV! In this monthly series, Heather K. Margolis will interview Channel Executives and marketing experts working in the Channel.

A big welcome and thank-you to our first guest, Steven Kellam. (At the time of filming, Steven had not yet been named President, of CCI.) Congratulations, Steven on your new role!

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Channel Marketing Trends 2016

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5 Components of a Successful Channel Partner Blog

Businesses with blogs get 67% more traffic than those without and marketers who prioritize blogging are 3x more likely to see a positive ROI. That said, the right content strategy is what engages Partners, establishes thought leadership, builds trust, drives SEO, and generates leads.

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5 Top Reasons to Outsource (some) Channel Marketing Strategy in 2016

It’s budget time again and your mind is no doubt running through the laundry list of must-haves for a solid 2016 channel marketing strategy. From Partner portal UX to marketing automation and MDF management, there’s a lot to consider. But before solidifying plans, think about how channel support vendors help reach goals and drive more demand through your Channel.

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Drive More Demand for Partners During Large Corporate Shifts

In the last six months, the Channel Maven team has had at least a dozen conversations where a company is being acquired, acquiring another organization or being divested/split. At least three of those conversations were the latter and all this shifting has us thinking, how do you keep your Channel calm and engaged during times of turmoil?

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Has The Channel Lost The Art of Storytelling?

Every once in awhile Channel Maven opens the blog up to some of our channel expert friends. Anyone who has been in channel marketing knows Lang Tibbils as an innovator, a motivator and a channel marketing guru. In this blog, Lang shares his insights into the importance of storytelling in the channel and gives three worthy strategy ideas to help you get started.

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