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Finding the right candidate for a position is hard enough.  Add to that the requirement of having channel experience and anyone who has done it is currently groaning, rolling their eyes, nodding their head “yes!” or all of the above.

Those of us in the channel know that finding a person with channel experience can be frustrating.  Those of us who have looked for channel roles with a company that truly “gets” the channel can be equally as frustrating.

I can’t count how many times each of us is asked if we know of channel specific talent or roles or channel support to be outsourced. What we like to call Channel as a Service™. Enter: My Channel Team. Whether you are looking for a position or a channel organization trying to fill a role, My Channel Team has you covered. Best part? Currently it’s a 100% free service.


My Channel Team is simple; if you are looking for a position, simply update your profile to showcase your expertise and highlight your channel marketing work experience to potential employers.  Don’t worry! You can make it anonymous if you want to. Start creating your profile today by clicking here.

If you are a Channel organization frustrated by the challenges of filling a position for a channel executive or team member use My Channel Team as your channel recruitment partner. Send your job description to [email protected].  You can also stalk, oops I mean review candidate’s profiles that are eager to join your team here. Interested in someone? Send your contact information to [email protected] to inquire about the candidate.

If you are looking for contract, check out our Channel as a Service™ to find the exact right person from our team to help yours.  Whether you are looking for a contract, full-time hire, or your dream job My Channel Team is a great way to find the channel position or channel team member that truly speaks channel.

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