Next Gen Changes to LinkedIn Impact Social Media Strategy

Last fall we attended the Hubspot Inbound conference and were privy to some LinkedIn changes coming down the pike. We sent an email with the information we had (you can see it here) and promised an update as changes rolled out.

The visual changes to LinkedIn are striking, starting with a new navigation and circular image but are you aware of what happened to some of our favorite features? A few were axed altogether, some were removed and then quickly added back, and others are still available but moved.

Let’s look at some of the main LinkedIn changes and how they might impact your profile:

1. Save Profile as a PDF

For those who use LinkedIn more like a resume, the save profile as a PDF came in handy. Initially, this feature was removed, but it’s back now and can be found by clicking on the three dots next to your photo. It also works if you want to save someone else’s profile as a PDF, just click the three dots next to their image and a drop-down will appear:

Heather's LinkedIn Profile

2. Exporting LinkedIn Connection

Gone are the days of exporting LinkedIn connections. This feature was extremely useful for list building and caused pain for many when it was removed. However, it’s not completely gone. You have to request the information here by filling out the form, and a download link will be sent to you within 10-minutes.

exporting LinkedIn connections

3. Tagging and Noting Connections

Tagging contacts and keeping notes about how you met, important dates or other specifics was a nice feature but it’s gone and won’t be replaced. However, you still have until May 31, 2017 to request a download of this information by following the instructions here. Looking for a workaround to keep the notes and tagging feature? It might be time to consider a paid LinkedIn Account such as Recruiter, Recruiter Lite or Sales Navigator all of which still have the tagging capabilities.

4. Advanced Search

What was formerly labeled “advanced search” is now simply the magnifying glass icon in the search bar. If you want a simple search, type in the keyword you’re looking for. For a more targeted and specific search, click the magnifying glass within the search field to access the familiar filters.

LinkedIn Search Bar

5. Publishing LinkedIn Posts

Publishing on LinkedIn once came with the added benefit that your connections were notified of each new post. This was a great way to share content to a targeted audience, but that’s no longer the case. Articles you post still show on the feeds of your connections similarly to any other post you create. They are also still featured on your profile in a unique section but connections won’t be alerted in notifications when a new post is published.

6. Messaging

You may have noticed changes in LinkedIn’s messaging features. It’s more Facebook-like in that you have a chat window at the bottom of every page vs. navigating to the messaging tab. LinkedIn is also serving up insights to help break the ice in conversations and making other suggestions based on who you know. For example, job seekers interested in an opportunity will be given insights into who within their network can help them make connections at the hiring organization. There is also a new feature where meetings can be added from chat directly to your Google calendar.

7. Content Delivery

Along with other algorithm changes across social media platforms, LinkedIn has begun serving up content based in large part on your engagement. For instance, you will see more posts from the connections you interact with most. It makes sense from a user interest perspective especially if you have a large or diverse collection of connections. However, if your goal is to be seen, it’s now more important than ever to actually engage on the platform.

8. Who’s Viewing Your Content

Along with algorithm changes, LinkedIn is now sharing better insights on who saw your posts and where they came from. Below your posts, you can now see how many people viewed it. Click the number of views to see the expanded analysis. This information will help you understand if the posts you’re creating are hitting your intended target.

content views linkedin

profile views LinkedIn changes








When it comes to demand generation, by far the most important LinkedIn changes are the algorithmic changes. The way your content is served to connections and the content you see based on your interactions has a dramatic effect on your ability to deliver thought leadership.  It’s not enough these days to merely have a presence, you have to engage, interact, and participate.

Looking for more information on Linkedin Changes? Check out their help pages.




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