Launching Exceptional Channel Partner Events

Last week Brad, Debbie, and I attended an amazing event put on by The Performance Group of Northern California. They called it a luxury leadership reboot – ‘For the Love of You’ (#FTLOY17) and it was simply an amazing experience. By the end, I kept saying, “every little thing” because at the end of the day that is what truly makes the difference.

While we’re all doing sales kickoffs, Partner summits, Partner Advisory Councils or other Channel Partner events, there is a way to bring in this essence of ‘For the Love of You’. Embracing this mantra can lead to your Partners, customers, and team feeling valued to your organization and more importantly motivated to elevating their business (and your business) to the next level.

Content That’s For Them, Not About You
The content at #FTLOY17 was amazing. From the front man of INXS to a writing workshop from a NY Times best selling author, to the leadership for the love of youcoaches doing personal assessments every element was for us, the attendees. When you gather your Partners in one place they are not just there to hear about what new products you are releasing, your new Channel Chief’s history, or how great you are. Partners are looking to grow and better their business. Help them by positioning your content with the benefit to them, as well as mixing in some content that isn’t specific to your solutions, but instead about how they can help grow their business. And if you need channel specific speakers, our Speakers Bureau can connect and schedule speakers for any of your team or Channel Partner events.

Location, location, location

It seems that everyone does their events in Vegas because it’s; well it’s…wait, why do you all do your Channel Partner events in Vegas again? It can’t honestly be that inexpensive is it? #FTLOY17 was in Napa at Meadowood and throughout the event elements of Napa and the resort were sprinkled throughout. Not just wine at every meal but…well wine at every meal. Mix things up. Planning a Partner Advisory Council? Do it somewhere other than one of your offices and have an activity that lets people relax and you will be able to truly build a relationship. Leverage the location and take people skiing in Aspen or host a seafood cooking class in Miami.

Every Little Thing

It seems silly, but the thing that stood out most for me at #FTLOY were the little things. Whether it was at an event function or at night in my room, we would find small gifts with a note from The Performance Group of Northern California’s CEO. Appropriate to this type of event, the gifts were a notebook, a candle (one of the nice ones in glass), a super soft throw pillow that says ‘LOVE’, and a yoga mat. A freakin’ yoga mat! Not to mention a book from every speaker there. It got to the point that I was looking forward to what would come next. Not saying you should bribe your Partners with gifts, but this was a great way to keep attendees engaged and more importantly feeling appreciated. This is the time to spoil them! Note: If you are giving Partners large gifts like a yoga mat tell them to bring an extra bag or offer an easy to ship option.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many things you need to take into account when it comes to your channel Partner events, but taking that extra step can help to forge lasting relationships.

What else have you done to make your channel Partner events stand out?

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