#CMCtv Episode 15: Internet of Things and The Channel

Welcome back to another episode of #CMCtv. In this episode, we discuss Internet of Things (IoT) and the impact IoT has on Partners and The Channel. Stephen DiFranco, Principal at IoT Advisory Group, joins Heather K. Margolis, CEO, and founder of Channel Maven Consulting, to lend his expertise on IoT and its relationship to The Channel.

Internet of Things and The Channel

We are on the precipice of our "smart" world getting even smarter. IoT allows everyday objects to be embedded with computing devices that can then communicate with one another via the internet by sending and receiving data. Stephen DiFranco gives a perfect analogy of something as simple as a street light embedded with technology that enables it to dim when cars are not near and brighten when they are.

IoT does not just lead to greater efficiencies such as with the street light example, but also greater convenience which, after all, is  the business outcome we're all buying, right?

Convenience, ease of life and ease of doing business

The impact of IOT is especially apparent in The Channel where the market shift to the cloud and the lure of IoT impacts almost every aspect of Vendor and Partners business models along with how, when where and why we go to market.

According to CompTIA, manufacturers, retailers, and healthcare professionals will benefit greatly from IoT and that is just scratching the surface. Partners have a huge opportunity in those verticals alone to be the expert in understanding, implementing, and managing compliance, security, and more with in the IoT adoption process.

Watch the full episode to find out:

  • How IoT impacts Channel Partners
  • If "born in IoT" is a trend for the future?
  • How Channel Partners can transform to IoT with ease

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