[Video] Create Compelling Videos for Your Audience

Have you ever considered creating video content for your website or your Partner portal? If not you should and here’s why:

The world’s appetite for video is insatiable. YouTube is now receiving more than one billion unique visitors a month. That means your potential clients are amongst those who are joining the ‘new norm’ and consuming video content regularly.

A recent article in The Guardian cites research predicting the continued rise of video as a major player in our daily lives. In fact, they state that by 2017, video will account for 69% of all consumer Internet traffic.

In 2013, Neilsen claimed 64% of marketers expected video to dominate their strategies in the ‘near future’. It’s 2015 now and video marketing is undisputedly on the rise. 70% of marketing professional say video converts better than any other medium. Not too surprising, right?


With smartphones, tablets, and a few tools, video is now accessible to most people. The challenge becomes figuring out what you want to say in order to communicate, educate and add value to online conversations.

Instructional videos, interviews, case studies, tips, demos and testimonials are a few ideas to get you started. Once you’re ready, watch these tips and tricks from our CEO, Heather K. Margolis for making inexpensive, simple and compelling videos that will make you look like a pro.


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