#CMCtv Episode 11- Sales Strategy for Channel Partners

Welcome back to another episode of #CMCtv. In this edition, we discuss Sales Strategy Tips for Channel Partners.

Partner and Vendor organizations are all unique; from size, to number of employees, to business goals, to Partner programs, to Partner types, to technologies and end users. You can’t treat them all alike; so, how then do you encourage and amplify digital marketing as it relates to sales strategy in a more custom way?

Whether a Partner is sending an email campaign, pushing social content, or posting a blog, it is important to ensure these marketing activities are done with a methodical purpose.

What purpose you ask?

It may sound obvious, but you might be surprised how often Partners are too busy focusing on other aspects of running their businesses that they miss the mark on things like:

  • The pain points that need to be addressed within their content
  • How they can unify their messaging to align their goals with your solutions
  • Are they reaching their audience through digital AND traditional channels?
  • Do they use social selling best practices to generate awareness and demand?

To thrive through the digital transformation era, it is paramount for Partners to effectively convey their messaging through multiple marketing and sales channels, or risk missing out.

In this episode, Channel Maven Consulting CEO, Heather K. Margolis is joined by Debbie Kane,  to discuss how Partners can level-up their channel sales efforts by way of strategy:

  • Putting the sales components together
  • Mixing social selling with other traditional methods
  • Addressing pain points
  • Getting in front of prospects without bombarding
  • Using tools that are already widely available
  • That common mistake made when pursuing leads from events

CMCtv episodes

Join us for a proactive discussion to learn expert sales strategy and tips to enable your Channel Partners. Also, be sure to check out #CMCtv Episode 7 to learn about enabling your Partners through integrated demand generation best practices.


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