CMCtv Episode 10: Training Successful Partner-Facing Teams

In case you’ve been missing Channel Maven TV (#CMCtv), you’ll be happy to know… We’re back with all new short, strategic, informative Channel-centric episodes! In this one, Heather K. Margolis and guest Ryan Morris discuss how Partner-facing teams within Vendor organizations can help demonstrate real value to today’s Channel Partners.

We all know the Channel is constantly evolving alongside digital transformation. We also know we’re in the middle of a shift that includes how business is done, how prospects buy, and how these aspects impact the shift of power. Today’s Partners are rapidly moving into the driver’s seat of the relationships while Vendors work hard to keep up by reconfiguring their Partner Programs, tools and resources.

Updating your Partner Program for today’s shifting Channel is absolutely essential to any successful Channel strategy but alone, it’s not enough. Partners want ease of doing business, they want Vendors to communicate to and through them on their terms and if they can’t quickly see how to make money long-term with your organization, you’re in jeopardy of losing them. Because, no matter how excellent your products, solutions and top-notch program are, they take a back seat to Partner business goals and the needs of their customers.

In this episode, Channel consultant and analyst Ryan Morris joins Channel Maven Consulting’s Founder and CEO, Heather K. Margolis to discuss what Vendors can do to align themselves with Partners by revamping their Channel sales training.

Learn about:

  • How to revolutionize your Channel sales training
  • The three most important training areas to focus on with your partner-facing teams
  • The most effective ways to deliver that training

Join us to learn how improved Channel sales training enables partner-facing teams to better read partners, understand their goals, and ultimately help grow their business.

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