CMCtv Episode 7: Enabling Partner Demand Generation

Welcome to #CMCtv. In this episode we’re talking about Partner demand generation – a huge topic in the Channel right now and one we can help with.

Whether developing a strategic roadmap, improving Partners’ online presence, or helping execute a marketing plan, we work with Vendors to fill the role of go-to marketing experts for their Channel Partners. In doing so, we’ve gathered vast insight into what’s working and not for Partner demand generation in The Channel.

It all starts with the right mix of marketing planning and tactics. Whether talking about social selling and engagement, marketing automation, partner demand generation email campaigns or blogging and SEO, the objective is the same; to provide Partners with qualified leads that drive your joint success.

We get it – Vendors have Partners of all sizes, from global operations to small “mom and pops.” While large partners tend to have a marketing person (or team), smaller Partners have limited resources and are heavily focused on “keeping the lights on,” day-to-day tasks while marketing takes a back seat.

One-to-one support programs work, no matter the size of the Partner and in many cases level the playing field for the small ones. When considering extending this type of Partner demand generation support, think about the unique needs of your Channel Partners. That’s what we do because when marketing plans are generated based on the unique DNA of your Partners and accounts for their comfort level, available time and resources, driving demand is easier.

As Partners begin working with more Vendors we’ve seen the relationship change. Now, it’s common to see anywhere from 5-25 Vendors simultaneously competing for the mindshare of each Partner. This means the completion is stiffer because Vendors have to compete for Partners while also competing for brand recognition and market share.

That’s why Vendors that want to boost Partner demand generation, are the ones providing marketing resources their Partners need.

In this episode, Emily Supernavage, our Senior Manager of Channel Marketing, explains how individualized marketing support programs drive Partner demand generation by highlighting strategies and tactics Partners need, including:

  • Webinars to educate on social selling for partner demand generation
  • Content creation, from social posts, to blogs, to newsletters
  • Competitive analysis to showcase what others in the market are doing
  • Weekly updates and status calls to ensure joint marketing objectives are met

Join us and learn how Vendors are guiding Channel Partners to become demand generation rock stars and drive sales with marketing support services.

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