CMCtv Episode 4: Help Channel Partners Understand their Buyer’s Journey

If you have ever wondered how to help Channel Partners understand their buyer’s journey, you’re not alone. As a Vendor, implementing an effective digital strategy and educating your Partners on the marketing landscape is key to success. In Episode 4 of #CMCtv, these concepts are discussed and offer a bite-sized version of a much larger (and very effective) marketing approach.

help channel partners Steven KellamHe’s back! Welcome for the second episode, Steven Kellam Channel veteran and President of CCI Global Channel Management. Steven joins Heather K. Margolis, President and Founder of Channel Maven Consulting for another educational episode of #CMCtv. This new series is where Channel professionals meet to help Partners and Vendors build more successful Channel Programs.

With 20+ years of copious Channel work, Steven has done everything from developing a 2000 Partner Channel for a manufacturing Vendor to leading a software and Managed Services company to greater heights within The Channel. Throughout his own journey, Steven has gathered insights necessary to shorten the gap between sales and marketing, while utilizing this information to create effective opportunities within the digital space.

Today, Steven joins Heather and the #CMCtv crew to offer his 7-minute take on a process that will affect the channel for years to come. If you are in search of a better understanding of Vendor responsibilities or what Partners need to expect along their buyer’s journey, you’ll find this episode to be very beneficial.

Like what you hear? Check out Episode 1 of #CMCtv also featuring Steven Kellam and make sure to engage with us on social media using the hashtag #CMCtv. Enjoy!

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