CMCtv Episode 9: Project Management Tips

Welcome back to #CMCtv. In this episode, we talk about how important project management is to any successful Channel Marketing or Channel Program development endeavor.

You may not have "Project Manager" in your title, but whether you know it or not, you've managed a project.  Sometimes successfully, sometimes not so much. Have you ever wondered what separates successful Channel Marketing or Channel Development projects from the ineffective ones? A solid structure.

One misconception about project management is that in order to do it, you have to have organization coded into your DNA. This helps, but if your organization doesn't have the bandwidth to hire a super organized Six Sigma certified and tenured project management professional, your team can still successfully plan and executive a successful Channel Marketing or Channel Development project so long as they have the right metholodigies in place.

What do "right metholodigies" look like? First, stop looking for the magical project management platform. There's no such platform. This isn't to say project management platforms aren't useful, but they're really just a piece of the puzzle. To get a project off the ground, you must sit down... and plan:

  • Plan your goals
  • Plan a realistic timeline
  • Plan your budget
  • Plan your team roles

THEN, once outlined, select which project management and communications tools you'll use to track all of the above.

In this episode, Ali Donahue, a Marketing and Project Manager at Channel Maven Consulting, explains:

  • How to get your project team on board to effectively plan and executive any project
  • What to do when your project goes off course
  • The one attribute to look for when tasking someone at your organization with project managment (hint: it's NOT organizational skills!)

Join us to learn project management methods to keep your Channel projects and team on task, and ultimately, achieve your goals time and again, regardless of the project type.

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