CMCtv Episode 16: Marketing and Digital Transformation in the Channel


Thank you for watching another informative episode of Channel Maven TV (#CMCtv) and a big warm welcome to our guest, Joe Gabriel, Sr. Director Global Partner Marketing at Informatica. Joe and his team work with Informatica Partners to develop programs and campaigns that drive more leads and grow their Partners’ pipelines.

In this episode, Heather K. Margolis and Joe Gabriel explore: 

  • Why it’s important to help Partners move forward with digital marketing
  • How the digital transformation of marketing is impacting the IT Channel
  • Why lunch ‘n learns don’t work anymore
  • How understanding the marketing transformation drives growth for Partner organizations

You’ll also see a more in-depth conversation on topics related to digital transformation across the entire IT sector beginning with a quick trip down memory lane – remember when Amazon was just a little online bookstore?! 

In this friendly dialogue, find out more about helping Partners understand: 

  • The importance of marketing to Line of Business buyers
  • Where most organizations are in their digital transformation strategies
  • Why Partners using data driven strategies are finding success

Speaking of data… to avoid the dreaded analysis paralysis, Joe recommends the Informatica way; think big – start small. First, Partners need to understand the data they have available and then they can help their customers use it to create brand loyalty. 

As a team, Joe and his group tackles common Vendor-Partner marketing challenges and offers tips and commentary on how to address: 

  • Discovering what Partners need from Vendors to be successful marketers
  • Identifying and providing marketing basics
  • The importance of Partner education for enablement

Thank you to our viewers and a special thanks to Joe Gabriel of Informatica for your time and insights on how Partners’ marketing has been impacted by the Digital Transformation. 

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