CMCtv Episode 14 - The Future of The Channel

Channel Maven Consulting welcomes Larry Walsh, CEO of The 2112 Group, for this enlightening episode of #CMCtv. Here, Heather K. Margolis, Channel Maven’s CEO, and Larry Walsh discuss the horizon of The Channel. Specifically, what is in store for Vendors and Partners over the next three years.

Evolve or Dissolve - The Vendor-Partner Relationship

No matter your background or forte', one thing is sure to be true - if you don't evolve, you will dissolve. Vendors are no longer selling products, they are selling experiences and business outcomes. This takes vision, strategy, and a willingness to enable Partners to be successful in their own right. Larry Walsh explains the model we are accustomed to today will not be the model of tomorrow.

Now is the time for Vendors to ask some hard hitting questions:

  • Are you inhibiting your Partners from growing based on your belief in old sales models?
  • Are your Partner programs actually enabling only a small percentage of your Partners due to a misunderstanding of their business and goals?
  • Are you willing to do what it takes to evolve into the Channel authority we know you can be?!!!

Watch the full episode to find out:

  • Which tough choices Vendors aren’t making
  • Are Vendors inhibiting Partners from growing?
  • Are all Channel Partners created equal? Who will be left behind?
  • What is The Channel model of the future?

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Take your communication TO Partners to the next level and communicate without bombarding. Watch #CMCtv Episode 12 with Heather K. Margolis, Channel Maven Consulting CEO, and Jenn Reed, VP Channel Marketing to find out how.

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