#CMCtv Episode 12: Drive Engagement with Communications TO Partners

Welcome back to another episode of #CMCtv. In this episode, we discuss how communications TO Partners helps Vendors drive engagement.

Much like ending a relationship over text message, communications to Partners can be troublesome. In both situations, you may find yourself asking: Is this really the best method and/or platform to get my point across? In the case of a break-up text, no it isn’t. Spot on analogy, right?

So then, how should you be communicating to your Partners? If you are not getting the results you want make sure you take these points into consideration:

  • Look at it from their point of view (often missed during the break-up text as well).
    • What will the Partner gain from these communications?
    • Why is it important to them?
  • Communicate across different platforms
    • Use social media, email, and news bulletins on your portal
    • Be straightforward and ask Partners: How do you want us to communicate with you?
  • Interconnect your messaging across all platforms and make it interactive.
    • Include social icons in emails
    • Link to your Partner Portal in social posts

Communicate to Partners without bombarding:

Have you ever left your phone on the couch and come back to 20 unread text messages? This is clearly not an effective way to communicate. When it comes to communicating to Partners without bombarding, our break-up text analogy stands true. Over communicating can be detrimental to your Channel relationships. We dive deeper into this topic in our eBook: Master the Art of To-Channel Communication . (Cheesy analogies not included).

In this episode of CMCtv, Channel Maven Consulting CEO, Heather K. Margolis is joined by Jenn Reed, VP Channel Marketing, to discuss how Vendors can up their communication to Partners in order to drive engagement.

Have anything to add? Let us know how you communicate to your Partners. Email us!

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