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Drive More Demand Through Partners with Social Media Best Practices

Seventy-five percent of today’s buyers conduct online research before engaging with a sales team and when they do, it’s because they already vetted their options and think they’ve found a good fit. In a sea of Solution Providers, how can Vendors ensure their Partners have the impactful digital footprint needed to attract these savvy customers?

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Channel Partner Marketing: Developing Partner-Facing Blogs

If you’re content strategy nerds (like us), you might agree, blogging to a Partner audience is fascinating. No, seriously, think about it.

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Channel Partner Marketing Strategy for Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaigns

There’s no shortage of arguments for and against paid vs. organic traffic. They both have advantages, associated costs, and expected outcomes (when done right). For Channel Partners considering PPC for their Channel Partner marketing strategy, it can be frustrating, time-consuming, and daunting to learn the nuances of PPC. However, if they execute a marketing strategy for PPC before fully understanding where to begin, it can be an enormous waste of money.

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Demystify Demand Generation for Channel Partners

Channel Partners are pulled in many directions. They’re working with multiple Vendors across many solutions, tending to the needs of their customers, leading a team, and driving their business towards success; which usually means revenue growth. On the flip side, Vendors are vying for Partner mindshare and doing everything they can to make programs simple and profitable in hopes their Partners go to market with them. That’s today’s Channel.

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How Changes to Twitter Impact To and Through Channel Marketing

Twitter is one of those love-it-or-hate-it social platforms. It can be time consuming and confusing but historically it’s been a significant driver of traffic to websites, which impacts SEO and Search Engine rankings. We love that part - but lately, Twitter’s been noticeably sluggish, engagement is more difficult to come by, and followers don’t stream in like they used to.

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The ROI on Social Media Content Syndication Just got Worse

From a Vendor perspective, every tool or tactic that engages and assists Channel Partners to sell or develop solutions around yours, is one day closer to them joining your top 20%. This includes content syndication offerings meant to make it easier for Partners to execute marketing tactics. Think blogs and social.

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3 Ways to Improve the Channel Partner Journey

Channel sales and marketing are evolving as fast as the digital transformation they support. These rapid changes impact the way we do everything from Channel enablement and programs to recruiting and onboarding to training and engaging with Partners along their Partner journey.

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Why Blogging is Key for Partner Marketing Strategy

With more Vendors than ever to choose from, today's Partners work with anywhere from 5 to 25 at any given time and align with those who truly help them sell. They’re not interested in playing favorites; their attention is focused on growth, sales, and keeping the lights on. It’s causing a shift in Partner marketing where the Vendors that help drive joint sales and add value are rewarded by staying top-of-mind with Partners. They are also the ones moving more of the 80% of lower achievers into the 20% of Partners that generate most of the revenue through their Channel.

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How Recycling Content Helps your Partners

Blogging is key to successful inbound marketing. So why aren’t Channel Partners doing more of it? There is no single answer but lack of time is a prominent theme amongst Partners we work with. While we can’t add minutes to the clock, we can help Vendors introduce their Partners to a strategy for recycling content that makes content creation two to three times faster than writing blogs from scratch.

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Stay Top-of-Mind with Partners After Your Next Channel Event

Staying top-of-mind with Partners is… well… top-of-mind for every IT and Telecom Channel Vendor we’ve ever met. Events are obviously a great tool to accomplish that and it’s one time when things happening in Vegas should decidedly and intentionally not stay there!

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