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Channel Program Development: There is No Secret Sauce

When it comes to Channel Program development it would be great if there was a recipe for success, or a field of dreams (if you build it, they will come) scenario to rely on, but unfortunately there really is no one-size-fits-all, secret sauce. After working with a multitude of Vendors on Program development, it’s clear; the Vendor organizations that take the time to look critically at their Partner set, personify their ideal Partners, assess and segment Partners by needs, and come up with programs that serve their uniquely different types of Partners realize the best gains.
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Four Dos and Don’ts of Channel Partner Recruitment

Channel Partner recruitment is fairly simple if your goal is to sign up as many random Partners as you can in hopes a portion of them sell your solutions. Sure, you give them onboarding support, assign a Partner-facing team member, provide assets and probably a portal, but are those enough to move the needle on the 80/20 conversation?

Based on challenges we hear from Vendors, it’s not. Depending upon your list size, let’s say recruitment endeavors net 2000 new Partners but only 10% (200) actually do something the first year but wait – it gets worse. Two years later only 20 of those 200 are still actively selling.

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Channel Trends and Predictions 2018

Regardless of your political or religious affiliations, 2017 has been an exhausting year. Whether your team won or lost, I think we can all acknowledge we’re fine seeing 2017 come to a close and hope that 2018 brings collaboration, cohesiveness, and maybe even a little calm? #1 in Chip Cutter’s 50 Big Ideas for 2018 is taking a digital detox and I, for one, am in! Along with the next health craze, the unforgettable public social blunders by a celebrity, and the next fidgeter’s best friend, here are our predictions for the Channel in 2018.

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Channel News From Channel Maven Consulting

2018 is right around the corner and we recently sent out our final newsletter of the year! I wanted to take this time to reach out and thank each and every one of you for the engaging conversations, great feedback and continued support. It’s been a crazy year with organization consolidations, new business challenges, and what feels like a shift in Channel Programs and resources, to align with the shift to the cloud we’ve been feeling (or at least talking about) for over a decade.

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Build Trust with your Channel in a Super Sketchy World

There is a lot of talk of security and dishonesty and saying one thing but doing another. I’m not just talking about The Channel, I’m talking about everywhere and it’s made me more skeptical. My husband, who sends me links to articles and videos on an almost daily basis, is now usually met with my “did you send this?” And I can’t remember the last time I took anything seen on TV seriously, which unfortunately now includes football. #StillGoPats

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Optimize Partner Programs for Today’s Channel

In a world where attention is a commodity and Partners are pulled simultaneously in numerous directions, Partner Program Optimization (PPO) is key. We know… easier said than done, especially when existing programs have been in place for years and assessing and repositioning the value proposition can’t happen overnight.

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Building Channel Infrastructure to Better Enable Your Channel

Every single day we speak with Vendors about infrastructure to help them better engage and enable their Channels. Luckily, we’ve never built our own and refuse to take referral fees so, we remain unbiased when working with Vendors to discover what’s best for them. Putting together a robust infrastructure is typically a huge undertaking but it doesn’t have to be. It’s possible to take baby steps or take on some elements and not others.

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Breaking Records and Barriers with Dress for Success

We launched a month long clothing drive to support Dress for Success. For those of you who don’t know Dress for Success, they're a non-profit organization that empowers disadvantaged women to enter and re-enter the workforce by enabling them through training and outfitting them with interview attire .

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Channel Maven Does Halloween Right!

I have to admit I’ve not been the most festive for Halloween since, well college, but with an 18 month old and some new mavens on the team who have the spirit, I’ve changed my tune.

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Secrets for Successfully Educating your Channel Partners

As The Channel evolves alongside digital transformation, Partners continue to work through their shifts from one-and-done sales models to recurring revenue while working with multiple Vendors. Staying top-of-mind with Channel Partners has always been a challenge for Vendors and as The Channel shifts, the challenge becomes greater and more complicated.

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