Channel Marketing Trends 2016

2015 is rolling to a close. Soon we’ll be asked our channel marketing predictions for the coming year. Looks like we’re a step ahead as Heather K. Margolis sat down with Zift Solutions earlier this fall to add insights into how Vendors can help Partners get the best out of their channel marketing strategies and the upcoming trends for next year.

Episode one focuses on how Heather K. Margolis and the Channel Maven Consulting team view changes in the channel over time. Topics include how tools like marketing automation and social media scheduling make a difference in building a Partner’s business and how Partners use these tools to engage more in their marketing and business development through social media.

Today’s Vendors are driving engagement with Partners rather than waiting for Partners to come to them. This shift veers away from old school channel practices where Vendors were largely in the driver’s seat. As Heather explains, the whole ecosystem is much more collaborative these days. The driver behind this movement is the acceptance by both sides that Partners have a multitude of Vendors to partner with. The dynamic leaves Vendors competing for mindshare with the Partners they have as well as competition for onboarding new Partners.

The video wraps up with Channel Maven’s three foundational components when working with Vendors:

Educating – where Vendors focus on helping Partners understand and develop a truly integrated strategy marketing that drives demand gen.

Engaging – where Vendors are encourage to show Partners the ropes on social media platforms by setting the example. Vendors who are not engaging in current marketing strategy can’t expect their partners to.

Enablement – where Vendors are now providing more and better tools to make marketing easier for Partners. It doesn’t stop at tools either, there’s communication, and working directly with Partners until they feel comfortable with their own marketing strategy.

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