5 More Social Media Marketing Tips for Your Next Partner Event

Last week, we gave you five tips to help kick off your event social media strategy. This week, we’ve got five more tips.


1)    Plan for mobile. Is there any sort of mobile component? Do you have an event app? Does your blog look good on a smart phone? (The answer should be yes as most of your attendees will be viewing information on their phones.)


2)    Do you have a plan for multimedia and video? Video is a great way to capture content, recaps, and interviews at the event. Will you hire an internal crew or outsource?

3)    Educate your internal teams. Once you have a plan, socialize it internally and make sure everyone is on board and can help.

4)    Educate partners. How are you going to help your partners learn about using social media to engage and embark on their own marketing efforts. Maybe a speaker, breakout session, workshop or video series?

5)    Plan your exit. Once the event is over, what is your exit strategy? Will you keep engagement going once the event is done? There’s a lot of momentum coming out of events, so it’s great to take advantage.

Don’t forget that the Channel Maven is here to help make sure your event is a success, whether you need help with social media, marketing, or you need a speaker to talk to your partners, we’re here to help.

We can also bring our Social Media Rally Station to your event. Channel Maven’s knowledgeable consultants will provide partners with one-on-one social media support and professional headshots.

What questions do you have about communicating to your partners? Drop us an email or post a comment, we’re here to help.

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