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Four Strategies to Drive More Demand for Your Executive Blogs

Technology executives are notorious for having endless to-do lists and limited time to focus on tasks that aren’t actively building the business. The same can be said for senior developers, product managers, and other internal subject matter experts who lack time for marketing initiatives such as blogging.

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Vendors Don’t Have to Play Favorites to Share the Love

As you ask your Partners to promote your business and solutions, they are looking to the Vendors who are also going to benefit their businesses. For many companies the concept of featuring business partners in blogs and sharing, liking and commenting on their social posts, across networks is a given. However, when Vendors participate in these activities by featuring Partners in blogs or sharing a Partner’s original content on social media, this typical business practice is suddenly viewed as Vendors playing favorites across their Partner ecosystem.

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CMCtv Episode 17: The Impact of the Shifting Channel on Vendor and Partner Roles

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Channel Maven Consulting is 9!

A big THANK-YOU to all of our clients, business partners, and friends who have been nothing but supportive and inspirational as we've grown Channel Maven Consulting from concept to thriving company over the past NINE years. We couldn't have done it without you!

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Better Engage Prospects with Social Media Posts

If you’re an executive at a technology company, there is no disputing that a robust social media  presence can and does drive demand and increase sales. In fact, 66% of marketers report  measurable lead generation benefits from spending as few as six hours per week on social media. (Quick math: that’s less than an hour a day!) Another 61% say posting on social media improves their organic search rankings, both of which are critical to gaining the attention of online buyers.
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5 Steps: Drive More Demand Through-Partners with Strategic Segmentation Best Practices

In today’s Channel, most Partners are working with 5-25 Vendors at a time and the more  Vendors they work with, the more communications they receive - every day. In that sea of incoming information, Partners tend to tune out to anything that’s not urgent, which can make it challenging to grab their attention for program updates, trainings, events, and other communications they deem non-essential.
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Channel Program Development: There is No Secret Sauce

When it comes to Channel Program development it would be great if there was a recipe for success, or a field of dreams (if you build it, they will come) scenario to rely on, but unfortunately there really is no one-size-fits-all, secret sauce. After working with a multitude of Vendors on Program development, it’s clear; the Vendor organizations that take the time to look critically at their Partner set, personify their ideal Partners, assess and segment Partners by needs, and come up with programs that serve their uniquely different types of Partners realize the best gains.
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CMCtv Episode 16: Marketing and Digital Transformation in the Channel


Thank you for watching another informative episode of Channel Maven TV (#CMCtv) and a big warm welcome to our guest, Joe Gabriel, Sr. Director Global Partner Marketing at Informatica. Joe and his team work with Informatica Partners to develop programs and campaigns that drive more leads and grow their Partners’ pipelines.

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Drive More Demand Through Partners with Social Media Best Practices

Seventy-five percent of today’s buyers conduct online research before engaging with a sales team and when they do, it’s because they already vetted their options and think they’ve found a good fit. In a sea of Solution Providers, how can Vendors ensure their Partners have the impactful digital footprint needed to attract these savvy customers?

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Four Dos and Don’ts of Channel Partner Recruitment

Channel Partner recruitment is fairly simple if your goal is to sign up as many random Partners as you can in hopes a portion of them sell your solutions. Sure, you give them onboarding support, assign a Partner-facing team member, provide assets and probably a portal, but are those enough to move the needle on the 80/20 conversation?

Based on challenges we hear from Vendors, it’s not. Depending upon your list size, let’s say recruitment endeavors net 2000 new Partners but only 10% (200) actually do something the first year but wait – it gets worse. Two years later only 20 of those 200 are still actively selling.

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